The White Whale

Unboxing of the White “Unicorn” Whale. This Ultra High Relief Silver Round has been the topic of many YouTube videos. Some sites totally scamming and gouging us consumers. But that’s ok well not really however, JM Bullion came to the rescue. They offer the White Whale is a fair price and have them in stock still. This is the 6th release in this series and each one keeps getting better.

The Privateer Series from Elemetal Mint continues with life on the high seas by providing a look inside the dangerous life of whaling crews. Many of the common design elements of the series return for the sixth release, with a new obverse design including a prominent White Whale.

Round Highlights:
6th design in the Privateer Series!
Contains 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
Dynamic ultra-high relief striking!
Obverse features the White Whale design.
Reverse includes the common ship’s wheel and skull design.

Use of the term white whale often refers to the encounter of Ahab and a massive whale in Moby Dick. Ahab was so obsessed with catching the whale, that it eventually led to his death at the hands of the whale. In reality, the white whale is another common name for the beluga whale, a species of whale found in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters.

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The Privateer Series from Elemetal Mint highlights the many woes of life on the high seas as a pirate or privateer. Previous issues in the collection include the Captain and Plank silver rounds. This sixth release in the series focuses on a threat to a privateer’s ship during a whaling expedition as the massive beast fights back against its hunters, turning them into the hunted.

On the reverse of the 2 oz Elemetal White Whale Silver Round you’ll find the common design theme used on the reverse of all rounds in the collection. In this design you’ll notice a human skull set against a backdrop of a ship’s wheel. The pirate motto “No Prey, No Pay” is found above the design, with the round’s weight, metal content, and purity struck below.

The obverse of the 2 oz Elemetal White Whale Privateer Series Silver Round includes its own unique design. You’ll notice the commonly used privateer’s ship rocking violently in the waves as a massive white whale crests the water’s surface with harpoons sticking out from its body. Pay close attention, and you’ll notice the reverse design elements on the flag flying from the stern of the ship.