Anubis Silver Unboxing

Unboxing the newest 2oz high relief from Provident Metals. The Aunbis round and all its glory. The details are just ok on this round. I have seen better rounds for sure however, the Egyptian theme holds a soft spot in my heart. I really hope they make more of these. They are great pickups between other sets that I collect.

I do have to say after the success of the first one the over spot price on these has seem to shot up. I mean $8.49 over spot is a bit crazy in my opinion. I get they have to pay the designer and there is markup from the mint to the retail store but that seems a bit steep.

Product Details:

Contains 2 oz silver
.999 Fine Silver
Crafted by Elemetal Mint
Obverse features Anubis in addition to other Egyptian elements
Reverse features a jackal, pyramid, and winged sun disc along with the weight, purity, and
Atomic symbol- “Ag”

Take a tour through the Egyptian Underworld with the new Anubis 2 oz Ultra High Relief Silver Round from Provident Metals. Investors in silver bullion will delight in the craftsmanship and quality of the round, while collectors of Egyptian history will be mesmerized by the exquisitely crafted god of the dead.

The Anubis round is the second release in the Egyptian Gods Series. Anubis follows the inaugural Cleopatra, and depicts the half man/half jackal Egyptian god that performs various roles in the afterlife. Anubis is tasked with protecting grave sites from wandering jackals and able to fight “like with like,” being part jackal, himself. Unlike a typical brown jackal, Anubis bears the head of a black jackal, symbolizing his association with the afterlife.

The obverse of the Anubis round, exclusively from Provident Metals, features Anubis alongside the “Scales of Justice.” The scales are used in the “weighing of the heart” ceremony where the heart of a newly deceased individual, the initiant, is weighed against a feather. Should the feather outweigh the heart, the deceased will move to the afterlife; however, if the heart outweighed the feather, the heart is devoured by a crocodile and the initiant is sent to the lake of fire. Also featured on the obverse is a mummified falcon, a jar of embalming fluid, and a skull, once again representing the connection between Anubis and the afterlife.

Displayed on the reverse is a pyramid, reminiscent of those built in the Giza pyramid complex, located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. In addition to the pyramid, a jackal sits atop a winged sun disc, guarded by two serpents known as the “uraeus” or “king’s protection.” Beautifully detailed hieroglyphics, spelling the name,“Anubis”, create an eye catching field. Traditional Egyptian lotus flowers spring from the bottom of the round and border the round’s notated characteristics: “2 OZ” weight, “.999” fine silver, and atomic symbol “Ag.”

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